What should I bring for my dog's stay?


Bring an appropriate amount of food for your dog’s stay.  We welcome any foods, wet, dry and will feed raw.  We do require that amounts be labelled and any special instructions be included.

We do offer the option to feed our available food here, which is 4Health Performance. This food has received a 5-star review on DogFoodAdvisor.

Changing your dogs diet abruptly can result in stomach upsets, so we strongly urge you to bring your own food.


If you opt to bring treats, they will be given to your dog only when they are in their doggy stall.  Though we enjoy dogs engaging in recreational chewing, we at The Estate only allow certain bones/chews.

  • NO rawhides    
  • Only appropriately sized non- splintering bones/antlers.


We ask that you only bring prescription medications that are clearly labeled as to what they are prescribed for and how they are to be administered.

  • Please do not mix medications with food.
  • Please keep medicine in original packaging clearly labelled.


Your dog will only have access to toys you bring in their doggy stall.  One or two will be sufficient as your dog will be too busy having fun to notice that they're there.

We encourage you to bring ONE small blanket for your dogs. It is not necessary to bring dog beds.

All kennels are equipped with a Kuranda bed for their comfort. Some stalls also have additional rubber flooring for their comfort.